Storage System
  • D-Fusion 3000 The series is a powerful storage system that provides primary and secondary storage for small and medium-sized businesses, with basic data management and data protection capabilities. The total cost of ownership of Valleys entry-level storage systems can bring you greater Value and benefit。
  • D-Fusion 5000 The series adopts the integrated and modular design of software and hardware to make the system run stably and efficiently, and the complexity of deployment and management is greatly reduced. It achieves a near-zero management and maintenance-free state, and provides a number of unified storage architectures. Advantage。
  • The D-Fusion 8000 Series supports NAS, FC SAN and IP SAN unified storage architectures with outstanding performance and quality to meet demanding storage challenges, simplify management, increase efficiency and reduce storage costs。
  • The D-JET 4000 is an entry-level fiber-optic SAN storage system from Valley Digital for enterprise integrated business data storage. The D-JET 4000 delivers the leading performance of its class, its balanced performance and the ability to handle mixed workloads, enabling the D-JET 4000 to pass