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In the current economic climate, past business models have been unsustainable, and storage needs have grown faster and faster, and you need to reassess your infrastructure strategy. Traditionally deploy multiple systems for each specific application: this creates information that is difficult to manage, inefficient, underutilized, and expensive to operate“Isolated island”。Your system management is intricate and wastes time on repetitive routine management tasks. The environment cannot expand, and you will not be able to take on more people and resources for the business to keep up with the speed of data growth.。

Valley number solution

Get cost savings and integrate and standardize your decentralized DAS, NAS and SAN environments into a unified infrastructure with Valley Digitals data sharing and collaboration solutions. We provide intrinsic support for multiple storage protocols to support different systems, enabling simultaneous access to multiple UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers/workstations on the same unified storage platform while meeting the different workloads of each node. In this way, you can increase system utilization and increase the efficiency of your data center, bringing you unprecedented business fluency.。


The advantages of the program are summarized as follows:

  1. 1. High performance, flexibility, scalability, and security for data center storage systems;
  2. 2. Consolidate CIFS NAS, NFS NAS, iSCSI SAN, FC SAN, and FCoE SAN into one easy-to-manage, easily scalable system to avoid costly data center expansion;
  3. 3. Save money instantly: increase utilization and efficiency while reducing purchases and operations;
  4. 4. Reduce the load of space, power and heat by integration;
  1. 5. Improve the productivity of IT staff。