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With the continuous strengthening of government information construction and the rapid increase of information, it is very necessary to use high reliability, scalability and high performance storage systems to support the development of the business. E-government is an important part of government information construction. It includes: information infrastructure construction and internal management of government; stage of government website construction; establishment of Internet-based government management system。


With the continuous strengthening and improvement of government information construction and the rapid development of information, traditional DAS direct-attached storage is far from meeting the current data storage capacity and reliability requirements. Information storage security will inevitably become the entire information construction. The most important, so high reliability, high scalability, high performance, easy to manage clustered NAS system is inevitably the best choice for government information。

Valley number solution

Guji Technologys government information storage system solution adopts a unified cluster storage system with high reliability, high scalability and high performance to help the e-government system to perform effectively, which makes the government work more efficiently and can better serve society。

The advantages of the program are as follows:

  1. 1. Greatly increase efficiency by integrating with mission-critical applications you already use;
  2. 2. Provide 99.999% data availability to keep your critical government services up and running in an emergency;
  3. 3. Integrate and share information across systems, geographies, and organizations;
  1. 4. High-quality, comprehensive system services help government departments better serve the public 。