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Information service has become the development direction of the telecom/Internet industry in the 21st century. The development of storage is not only limited to the storage of the content of the website itself, but also the cloud storage mode for users, Internet-oriented services and cloud computing. Cloud computing uses a shared infrastructure approach to connect huge system resources through virtualization and other technologies to provide a variety of IT services. Cloud storage adopts technologies such as parallel, distributed or network computing, so that multiple storage nodes work together at the same time to jointly provide storage services for local networks or Internet users. Cloud computing provides computing resource services, while cloud storage provides data storage services.。


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The high-performance unified cluster storage system provided by Gushu Technology can be widely used in public clouds or various private clouds. Virtualization technology is used to integrate different underlying storage media into a unified storage pool to provide a global namespace for the upper layer. A variety of services are provided through the IP protocol. At the same time, fast data flow between different clouds ensures that users can obtain the required information in any way and in any way.。