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The large-scale design and manufacturing industry includes aerospace industry, machinery, automobile manufacturing, etc. In recent years, large-scale design and manufacturing has made considerable progress, mainly as:
1. Large-scale application of PLM (product lifecycle management), PDM (product data management), large-scale promotion of CAD 2D and 3D graphics
2. Multi-person collaborative work to complete complex product design, production design files continue to grow, requiring massive data storage management;
3. High-performance computing for simulation experiments, high-performance computing needs for high-performance centralized storage;
4.Data is becoming more and more critical for enterprises, and centralized data storage requires comprehensive security measures.。

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Guji Technology focuses on large-scale design manufacturing, fully understands the storage requirements of large-scale design manufacturing applications, and adopts an open unified storage architecture to optimize professional-level performance for different business applications, satisfying thousands of users and computing. Simultaneous concurrent storage access requirements provide you with high-performance, long-term enterprise data center-class storage system solutions that help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and reduce time-to-market for your entire product。