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Service entry
1.   Provide original manufacturer resident service;
2.   The equipment warranty period is calculated from the date of acceptance of the system;
3.   The equipment provided will provide the original manufacturer 7X24 hours on-site warranty service;
4.   Provide original technical training for hardware and software, including training for management, maintenance, operation and commissioning, etc.;
5.   Provide extended warranty service after the warranty period;
6.   Supply, installation, commissioning, testing, training, and after-sales services are provided at the location designated by the tenderer.;
7.   On-site installation ensures success; after installation, the user is provided with detailed Chinese technical documentation, and cooperates with the user to conduct on-site testing according to this document.;
8.   After the warranty period, continue to provide the user with upgrades of product services and system software.;

Quality Assurance System
       Gushu Technology storage products fully comply with the requirements of ISO9001 series quality management system, and strictly carry out product research and development, production, sales and service in accordance with the requirements and requirements of the quality management system. According to actual needs, users can contact Gutiao Technology within the time agreed by both parties to understand the Gustech technology quality system and make new suggestions or requirements in time. Users can also conduct on-site inspections to reach an agreement with Guji Technology on current conditions, specific issues, schedules, etc.。
        After signing the contract, Gushu Technology can provide users with project-related documents, including quality and production inspection indicators and other technical documents stipulated in the contract, based on these documents to ensure that the quality implementation process is consistent with the contracted quality plan.。
        Gushu Technology attaches great importance to the testing and improvement of product indicators, and the technical indicators of the products are constantly improving. In the comparative tests conducted many times, the companys products have excellent test indicators, and both objective and subjective test indicators are among the best. All kinds of products undergo various rigorous tests in the production process, and adopt the customized production method, strict factory test and quality inspection. At the same time of product production, your more complex needs can be realized at the same time.。
        The Valley Technology equipment not only has excellent performance indicators, but also strictly guarantees the stability and reliability of the system. At present, Gushu Technologys network storage system and related major equipment and systems have been widely used in large-scale design and manufacturing, defense research, radio and television media, oil exploration, financial services and video surveillance. There are a number of domestic high-end users, which have won unanimous praise from users and there are no major quality accidents. In addition, the valuable experience accumulated by Gushu Technology in actual engineering can also provide a strong guarantee for the stable operation of this system.。

Warranty service
        Gushu Technology provides 7X24 hours of free warranty during the warranty period from the date of acceptance. During the warranty period, all faulty software and hardware equipment (except for equipment damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural disasters) will be repaired or replaced quickly, and the total cost incurred by Gushu Technology will be self-generated. bear。
        During the warranty period, Gushu Technology provides on-site inspection and consulting services. Timely provide system training, upgrade, implementation and technical support services; all faulty hardware and software, Gushu Technology provides 7x24 technical support services, after receiving the customers request for service, we provide on-site service. If the diagnosis is hardware failure, the original spare parts are provided free of charge, and promise to try to restore the normal operation of the system in the first time.。

After the warranty period
        After the warranty period, Gushu Technology provides lifetime technical support for the products provided, and provides services such as repair and spare parts supply. Among the costs incurred in system troubleshooting and maintenance, Valley Technology is exempt from labor costs and only charges. Gushu Technology continues to provide users with upgraded versions of product services and system software. The price of spare parts and services does not exceed the price of this bid, and the related expenses due to the design mistakes of the supplied products are not paid. Guji Technology provides extended warranty service after the warranty period。

Upgrade extension service
        The equipment and systems provided by Gushu Technology fully comply with various relevant standards. For those parts that have no standards to follow, future standards have been changed or standards have been improved, Guji Technology promises to be based on the requirements of users after the relevant standards are introduced. Upgrade the system to meet the new standard within a certain period of time (specific time and valley number technology agreed)。
        The products provided by Gushu Technology have good scalability, which can achieve smooth expansion of system performance and capacity without affecting the normal operation of existing services. In the future, with the expansion of user services, Guji Technology will provide users with extended services and provide related products and services to users on preferential terms.。

File maintenance
        All technical data files of Gushu Technology are written in accordance with relevant requirements, and after the successful bid, the user is provided with the complete technical documents required for this project, including:
        General system description;
       Product manual, including detailed configuration, interface, technical performance, function, working principle, operation and maintenance method;
        Product installation and commissioning instructions;
        Product testing and acceptance manuals and specifications, including test methods, operating procedures, etc.;
        Protocols and interface standards open to users based on actual conditions and needs;
        Other materials and documents required by the user in this project。