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Petroleum exploration and development is a comprehensive application science integrating oil and gas geological exploration, oil and gas field development, geological development test and computer application. It has many types of data reports and huge data volume. Each exploration point will have several GB or even dozens of GB of data, and with the increasing requirements of exploration and development, the amount of data that needs to be processed is “Index level”Speed increase,This requires computing and management of this data with high-performance clusters and storage systems. These applications cover the interpretation and interpretation of seismic data, processing and interpretation of logging data, well testing analysis, digital simulation of reservoirs, basin analysis simulation, trap description evaluation, oil and gas description, and reserve calculation.。

Valley number solution

Gushu Technologys unified cluster storage system is designed for high-performance computing environments. The self-developed PRODIGY intelligent storage operating system with high parallelism and sharing can fully exploit the performance of the underlying hardware and provide unprecedented high performance for high-performance applications. /O concurrent bandwidth. Meet the high-performance computing and storage management needs of various oil exploration companies for massive data processing under complex geological conditions。