Storage software
  • MagicVol (MagicVol) MagicVol is a self-developed thin provisioning technology that can be used to create data volumes of any size in a storage system. The space can be flexibly adjusted according to needs to improve storage utilization. MagicVol uses advanced small
  • Data Consistency The storage operating system logs all data operations, ensuring system consistency and rapid recovery after a system crash. The operating system for all data, whether it is user data or the operating systems own metadata, for each
  • Dual Active Controller Mode The Valley Storage System is designed in a dual active controller (Active/Active) mode. Dual active controller mode enables two controllers to work in parallel, improving system performance while achieving failover (Failover) and enhanced system security
  • Smart Encryption Secure Storage Technology PRODIGY is the only storage operating system in the industry that supports storage-level data encryption. Based on D-Fusion storage hardware platform, Valley Digital Technology combines PRODIGY intelligent storage management technology and intelligent data encryption technology to introduce industry-only