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Leverages Valleys virtualization technology can help your IT department deliver the value of a unified clustered storage system investment while simplifying management and optimizing storage system efficiency, data protection and performance. Virtualization technology effectively integrates hardware storage resources, provides a unified unified storage space for upper-layer application systems, implements data grading and tiered storage within the system, implements information lifecycle management (ILM), and utilizes technologies such as deduplication. Greatly improved storage utilization。


The advantages of the program are summarized as follows:

  1. 1. Increased efficiency: Improve system utilization, load balancing within the system, identify and resolve capacity issues, and extend system life;
  2. 2. File management: Automatically identify and archive static files based on policies, reducing total cost of ownership and streamlining backup and recovery;
  3. 3. Global namespace management: Centrally manage and synchronize namespace services across distributed Windows and Unix environments, making multiple file systems appear as a single virtual file system;
  4. 4. Migration and Consolidation: Enables administrators to transparently move files without affecting end users or applications;
  5. 5. Performance Management: Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks and hot issues;
6. Tiered storage management: Use access frequency data to identify unstructured data that should be relocated to lower cost nearline storage。