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Some data generated by the banking and finance industry in the business process is very critical. It is necessary to electronically save a large number of documents and vouchers for convenient storage and inquiry. With the development and application of image technology and network technology, the further application of archive electronic image processing system provides a more convenient, safer and more economical means for file storage and inquiry. At present, in the banking system, the electronic image processing system is connected with the bank after-sales supervision system, and uses the layout recognition, barcode, and OCR recognition technology to collect the supervised elements on the bank voucher image, which not only automatically establishes an accurate index for the voucher image, but also facilitates the query of the voucher image. And the automatic identification of the identified voucher elements and the banks large-scale business flow, thus automating the banks post-supervisory work. In this process, a large number of image files are generated for storage, and the storage system is required to have high security to ensure data security. It is necessary to have certain performance to ensure that data can be quickly accessed.。

Valley number solution

The financial banking after-sales supervision system storage solution provided by Gushu Technology combines data scanning, manual re-recording, review, file management, data query, OCR identification, CD burning, system supervision and enterprise operation. Together, greatly improved the efficiency of financial banking institutions。