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High-performance computing has become the key to data processing in many industries. High-performance computing generally uses large-scale parallel processing of data by clusters of multiple computers. It significantly increases the computing power and speed, and is widely used in meteorology, earthquake, scientific research, Defense and other fields. High-performance computing generally uses hundreds of Linux cluster servers to build through Infiniband high-speed networks. Traditional I/O methods have been difficult to meet the needs of large-scale cluster servers for storage systems.。

Valley number solution

Based on the characteristics of high-performance computing, Valley Technology has developed a high-end unified cluster storage system designed for dedicated and commercial high-performance computing (HPC) applications. It has the high performance, high reliability and scalability that enterprise storage cant match, and has many features to meet a variety of high performance applications.。

The advantages of the high-performance computing solution based on the unified cluster storage system are summarized as follows:。
  1. 1. PRODIGY storage operating system for high performance computing;
  2. 2. 10GB, Infiniband, FC super high speed network support;
  3. 3. Quick access to all core scientific data to maximize research investment;
  4. 4. Increase interoperability and reduce technology with open protocols“barrier” ;
  1. 5. Smoothly expand storage system capacity and performance as needed to meet research needs。