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Technical parameters
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        The D-JET 9000 is a high-end fiber-optic SAN storage system from Valley Technology for a variety of interactive-intensive applications and throughput-intensive applications. Designed for large-scale multi-core computing and multi-tasking concurrent processing environments, D-JET 9000 uses advanced hardware platforms to innovate in many aspects, using memory-based Active-Active storage clusters with massively parallel I/ O-channel, supporting mixed workload modes, provides unparalleled IOPS and bandwidth performance. D-JET 9000 has been widely used in large-scale design and manufacturing, national defense research, broadcasting and television media, oil exploration, financial services and other industries with its excellent quality. Combine the localization services of Valley Technology to help users save and use digital information wealth in a fast, simple and secure way.。

D-JET 9000 system structure
        The D-JET 9000 system consists of a dual active core storage controller, a vertically expandable disk expansion unit, and a PRODIGY storage management system. As the basic storage system, D-JET 9000 undertakes shared access, management and protection of all data of the system, and can perfectly cooperate with other components such as fiber switches to meet the needs of various complex application environments.。
        Storage Controller: The storage controller is the core device of the D-JET 9000 system. The D-JET 9000 system is an Active-Active dual active storage controller architecture that uses a large-scale multi-core processor environment for high-performance concurrent I/O designs. The controller has a large capacity built-in battery cache to further improve system performance and safety.;
        Disk expansion unit: The disk expansion unit is a basic disk array connected to the D-JET 9000 storage controller, providing full line rate disk block level data exchange and modular extended storage capacity, while ensuring system stability and reliability. Pursue disk density of a single device. The expansion disk unit supports a mix of solid state drives (SSDs), FC disks, SAS disks, or SATA disks in a single system.;
        PRODIGY storage management system: PRODIGY storage management system is the basic platform management software of D-JET 9000 storage system. It provides an intelligent storage management platform, designed for large-scale multi-core computing and multi-tasking concurrent processing environment. Provides enterprise-class software functions such as storage management and data security, as well as advanced data management and protection solutions.。

D-JET 9000 system advantages
 International leading performance
        The D-JET 9000 dual controller system delivers sustained bandwidth up to 16GB/s with random IOPS performance (ie disk IOPS) of up to 800,000 and sustained IOPS performance of up to 4,000,000. A single system can meet large-scale intensive interactive applications, and its powerful random IOPS performance can achieve frequent reading and writing and access requests for large files and databases, far exceeding the IOPS performance requirements of current large databases and OLTP systems.;
       D-JET 9000 single system can be configured with up to 4096GB of cache, large cache can provide higher performance;
        The D-JET 9000 system uses dynamic caching technology to intelligently use caching, reducing the use of caching in environments such as data streams, significantly improving IOPS performance and bandwidth, and providing excellent performance in mixed load environments.。

High security and reliability
        The reliability of the D-JET 9000 exceeds 99.999%, which means that the annual downtime (including planned downtime) is less than 3 minutes. It provides high reliability measures from multiple levels, ensuring the continuous business of the DxET 9000 system 7x24. Sex。
       Device module level redundancy: All hardware components, including controllers, disk expansion enclosures, power supplies, fans, network connectivity modules, etc., are redundantly designed;
        Data link redundancyThe D-JET 9000 system provides multiple data connection channels inside and outside, which not only can improve the data transmission bandwidth through multi-path I/O, but also can do link redundancy, and can guarantee data transmission in case one of the data channels is damaged. Safety;
        Device level redundancyThe connection system between the D-JET 9000 controller and the disk cabinet adopts the cross-wiring method to realize device-level redundancy, and the data transmission can be ensured even if one link-related device is damaged.;
        Dual active controller structureActive-Active):Achieve high-availability (HA) data access, significantly improving data storage performance compared to traditional Active-Standby mode, reducing the risk of excessive single-controller load and downtime, and enabling failover To ensure the normal operation of the business;
        Data consistencyThe D-JET 9000 storage operating system provides 256-bit Checksum for each data block, ensuring data consistency and preventing system crashes due to data inconsistency.。
        RAID protection and hot spare diskThe D-JET 9000 storage operating system supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and other methods. It not only provides complete RAID disk protection, prevents RAID write vulnerabilities, Silent Data Corruption, and improves RAID performance. During the system initialization process, a part of the physical disk is divided into global hot spare storage blocks. When the RAID group detects the faulty disk, it automatically transfers the data of the corresponding storage block on the failed disk to the hot spare storage block to enhance system security. reliability。

High availability
       The D-JET 9000 system deploys a write cache image between controllers. During the process of writing write cache data to one of the controllers, the data is automatically mirrored to the write cache of another controller. It ensures the consistency of the dual controller data during the data writing process, and prevents data loss and business interruption caused by single controller damage.;
        D-JET 9000 can replace I/O components and any redundant components without downtime to ensure business continuity; each disk holds storage configuration information; active disk monitoring prevents data loss caused by disk failure;
        D-JET 9000 single system supports tiered storage of SSD, FC, SAS or SATA hybrid type disks, supporting 8Gb/16Gb/32Gb  FC、10GigE iSCSI,System configuration, volume configuration and expansion, disk cabinet expansion, and routine maintenance without interrupting data access。

High scalability
        The D-JET 9000 system has good scalability, and the D-JET 9000 controller can be used to achieve an approximately linear expansion of system performance. The D-JET 9000 single system expands the disk cabinet and disk by scaling up, enabling massive data storage of up to 13056TB;
        The D-JET 9000 storage controller can configure the number of host ports and disk ports according to user requirements. The single system can be configured with 128 8Gb/16Gb/32Gb FC host ports, 48 4Gb FC disk ports, and optional 16 10GigE iSCSI hosts. Port (can support expansion to 16). The D-JET 9000 single system can be configured with 1024GB of data cache. These I/O components can be added online according to the different needs of different phases of the users services to ensure business continuity.。

Advanced data protection scheme
        D-JET 9000 provides enterprise-class advanced data protection solutions. The D-JET 9000 provides an industry-leading snapshot mechanism that can be generated in just a few seconds per snapshot, enabling local disk backup and fast recovery with minimal impact on system performance and space.;
        Supports synchronous, asynchronous, write-order consistent asynchronous mode, supporting 2048 mirror pairs. It also provides dynamic volume expansion, dynamic capacity expansion, dynamic cache adjustment, dynamic stripe adjustment, dynamic RAID level replacement, dynamic volume group migration, and more.。

Humanized and easy to manage
        The installation and deployment of D-JET 9000 is“Plug and Play & rdquo; way. Simply connect the disk interface of the D-JET 9000 controller to the expansion disk enclosure, configure RAID and partition the LUN in the GUI management interface. Then connect the host port of the D-JET 9000 to the core fabric switch through the fiber-optic cable, and you can see the storage space on the host side to provide high-performance data services.;
       The D-JET 9000 storage system provides a concise GUI graphical management interface and CLI command line interface for local or remote maintenance. Provides a series of enterprise-level management functions such as automatic RAID management, system status real-time monitoring and alarm, remote log, and secure network settings, greatly reducing system management and maintenance burden。

        In summary, the companys D-JET 9000 has high performance, scalability, and reliability compared to similar products in the industry. Meet the demanding workload requirements of environments such as massive data storage and high-performance computing, while providing enterprise-class versatility, improving business operational efficiency and reducing costs。
Product number D-JET 9100 D-JET 9700
Technical highlights
high performance Continuous IOPS up to 3,000,000, random IOPS up to 500,000; continuous bandwidth over 12.8GB/s Continuous IOPS up to 4,000,000, random IOPS up to 800,000; continuous bandwidth over 16GB/s
IOPS performance scales linearly with increasing disk count to support and maintain demanding service level agreements (SLAs)
Unique XOR engine efficiently handles compute-intensive parity operations, dramatically improving RAID 5 and RAID 6 performance
Supports both interactive and intensive application environments such as databases and OLTP, as well as throughput-intensive applications such as HPC and digital media.
High availability Dedicated cache mirroring ensures permanent protection of cached data in the event of a power loss
Automatic I/O path failover and online management ensure data availability
I/O components and any redundant components can be replaced online without downtime to ensure business continuity
Storage configuration information is saved for each disk
Active disk monitoring prevents data loss caused by disk failure
Flexibility and expansion Tiered storage supporting SSD, FC, SAS, or SATA hybrid type disks in a single system
Supports 8Gb/16Gb/32Gb FC and 1Gb/10Gb IP for FC SAN and IP SAN unification
System configuration, volume configuration and expansion, disk cabinet expansion, and routine maintenance without interrupting data access
Hardware parameter
Dedicated cache Support 2048GB non-volatile cache with backup battery Support for 4096GB non-volatile cache with backup battery
FC host connection Can support 64 8Gb/16Gb/32Gb FC Supports 128 host ports, 8Gb/16Gb/32Gb FC
iSCSI host connection (optional) 4 10GigE iSCSI host ports, expandable to 12 8 10GigE iSCSI host ports, expandable to 16
Disk connection Support for 32 disk channels, 4Gb FC/6Gb SAS Support 48 disk channels, 4Gb FC/6Gb SAS
Disk drive SSD: 300GB / 400GB / 800GB,Hot swap;
SAS: 300GB / 450GB / 600GB 15K rpm, Hot swap;
SAS: 600GB / 900GB / 1200GB 10K rpm, Hot swap;
NL-SAS:2TB / 3TB / 4TB 7.2k rpm,Hot swap;
Number of disk drives The system supports 2064, all hot swap The system supports 3264, all hot swap
Support for bare capacity 12PB 19PB
operating system Prodigy intelligent storage operating system (UP version)
Host client Supports 32,768, providing I/O multipath (MPIO) Supports 65,536, providing I/O multipath (MPIO)
Storage partition/logical volume Support for 32768 partitions; 8192 logical volumes (LUN) Support 65,536 partitions; 8192 logical volumes (LUN)
RAID level Support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60; automatic hot spare disk automatic RAID reconstruction
Client OS support Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, AIX, Sun Solaris,
HP-UX, Apple Mac OS X, VMware ESX, Operating systems such as NetWare
System Management Prodigy Viewer Web graphical interface (GUI), command line interface (CLI); local or remote management
Standard licensed software Prodigy Intelligent Storage Operating System
ProdigyFS 128-bit file system
MagicShot Snapshot software
MagicRAID 0,1,5,6,10,50,60
MagicVol Thin provisioning
MagiCluster Failover
MagicTier automatic tiered storage
Prodigy Viewer Remote management software
Checksum real-time disk verification and data repair
Scalable other software
Controller unit
size Standard 3U rack cabinet, 16 positions, 132mm (height) x 437mm (width) x 648mm (deep)
Power/current 1200W 1+1 redundant hot-swappable power supply with PFC, 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, up to 11.5 Amp
fan 2 sets of redundant hot swap fans
weight 34 kg (without disk)
Operating environment 10ºC to 35ºC, 8%to90%Relative humidity, non-condensing junction
Quality system ISO 9001, ISO 14000, IECQ QC080000 HSPM
Storage expansion unitB700
size Standard 4U rack cabinet, 24 disk slots 175mm (height) x 483 mm (width) x 630 mm (deep)
Power/current 600W 1+1 redundant hot-swappable power supply with PFC, 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, up to 16 Amp
fen 1+1 redundant hot swap fan
weight 46 kg (including disk)
Operating environment 5º C to 35 & ordm; C, 20% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing knot
Quality system ISO 9001, ISO 14000, IECQ QC080000 HSPM