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Analysis of domestic big data development trend
published time:2018-06-04

   According to the China Industrial Research Institute《2018-2023 China Big Data Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities Research Report》,The data shows that the size of Chinas big data industry reached 470 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 30%.;Among them, the output value of the big data hardware industry was 23.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39%. With the deepening of the integration of big data in various industries, it is expected that the output value of Chinas big data market will exceed 600 billion yuan in 2018.。
One of the trends: a rich and meticulous policy system to promote big data landing。From the central to the local, more abundant supporting policies and implementation rules will promote the accelerated landing of big data, more local governments actively promote the development of big data, and create a model of big data applications in the field of big data political, commercial, and civilian use.。

   Trend 2: Local pilot innovation system presents differentiated features。National level“test area”、Ministerial level“Industrial demonstration base”And provincial and municipal levels“Demonstration park”The big data pilot innovation system is being formed, which will lead to the development of a series of big data major projects, laboratory construction and industrial transformation and upgrading, forming a new pattern of collaborative innovation and regional specialization development.。

Trend 3: The system of cross-border flow management of data is gradually improved. From an international perspective, the trend of data globalization is obvious, and the sovereignty of data sovereignty in all countries has risen. China will actively carry out the construction of policies and regulations for cross-border data flow management, promote the orderly flow and standardized use of data resources, and promote the improvement of international rules related to global cross-border data flow.。

   Trend 4: The application of big data in artificial intelligence will break out. Artificial intelligence will become an important part of the big data ecosystem, and the application of relevant aspects will show an explosive situation, and will make breakthroughs in the fields of medical health, network e-commerce, public transportation, finance, education, and diet.。

   Trend 5: Blockchain technology will reconstruct the data flow mechanism. Blockchain technology provides more possibilities for responding to data security issues with its characteristics of non-tamperability and traceability. Any financial flows, exchanges and transactions in the financial industry, international trade, real estate transactions, legal industry, social security, etc. Areas will benefit from blockchain technology。
   Trend 6: Industrial big data provides strong support for manufacturing power. With the continuous deepening of industrial big data innovation and application, China will usher in a data-driven full life cycle and optimization and upgrading of the entire industry chain. Industrial big data will be more perfect in its own infrastructure construction and integration with other industrial platforms, and it will definitely explore a new model of networked, digital and intelligent development of manufacturing industry.。

Trend 7: Big data security issues are receiving constant attention. While big data provides convenience for cyberspace, it also poses challenges to traditional security prevention and control technologies and existing administrative supervision methods. In the future, the construction of the big data security legal system will be further improved, the security and controllable information industry will explode, and the innovative applications of security technologies, products and services will continue to increase.。

   Trend 8: The legal issues of data ownership are urgently needed. Chinas big data-related legislation and standards will accelerate, and we will gradually improve the key issues such as data rights, data management, data transactions, and data security.“Number of rights law”The core legal system related to big data。

   Trend 9: Big data trading will drive the ecosystem to further improve. Along with the huge demand for data transactions in the market, as well as the establishment of data-related equity ownership, value assessment and transaction specification mechanisms, it is expected that there will be a data transaction market with a scale of over one trillion yuan. In the composition of the existing trading platform, there will be multiple levels of features, and in the future will form one or two national-level, 8 to 10 regional-level three-dimensional market structure.。

   Trend 10: Data science is gradually emerging. With the deepening of the subject exploration and the continuous exploration of big data innovation theories such as block data, the theoretical system of the big data discipline itself will be established, and it is expected to play a greater role in the exploration of the theoretical foundation in the process of enrichment and improvement. The application of data science in different subject areas will be continuously established and perfected, and on this basis, it is expected to achieve consistency at the data level of many disciplines.。